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Russian Snow Riders School (RSR) School for training mountain snowmobile skills welcomes you. No mountain snowmobile skills? Take a 3-day initial theoretical and practical course with us!

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We are fans of mountain snowmobiling from the fan group Russian Snow Riders (RSR), led by the well-known in the circles of mountain snowmobilers in Russia rider Alexei Kryaukin and with the support of BRANDT Polaris, the official distributor of American companies Polaris, Klim in Russia, in 2019 we decided to open mountain skiing school. The school is suitable for teaching mountain snowmobiling skills for beginner and intermediate riders. The training takes place in picturesque places in the south of the Kola Peninsula in the vicinity of the town of Kandalaksha (Murmansk region). Also, our team provides guidance services or acts as guides on new and interesting routes in the area of ​​the city of Kandalaksha, areas near the Salla highway, 21-35 km.

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Mountain snowmobiles from Polaris

Training takes place on the latest models of mountain snowmobiles Polaris Khaos 850, PRO RMK 850/800


We will select for you the most cost-effective program of training, guiding or renting a mountain snowmobile


Training / guiding takes place in the area of the city of Kandalaksha (Murmansk region), as well as in the area of 21-34 km. Salla trails.


After completing training with us, you are guaranteed to have the necessary management skills

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If you have any questions about training in a mountain school, guiding (escorting groups), rental of mountain snowmobiles of the Polaris brand, then call us or write by e-mail, we will certainly answer you

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